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Abstract Background

On June 1st 2014, Buddy Hale began operating The Library Of MusicLandria.


Inspired by Berkeley’s Tool Library, Buddy enrolled in Sac State’s Business Program to learn about Social Entrepreneurship. On his very first day at Sac State, he decided to start a nonprofit. The idea was simple, create Sacramento’s first library completely dedicated to musical instruments. He used every class assignment to build the library one step at a time, and by the time he graduated, MusicLandria had a solid foundation to grow from.


To launch the project, Hale donated his entire life savings as well as his entire music instrument collection. With the help of Rachel Freund, MusicLandria opened its doors out of a tiny apartment on 11th and S and began lending out music instruments for free.

Since then, MusicLandria has completed thousands of loans, signed up hundreds of members and expanded their catalog to include over 700 musical instruments.

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