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Dear Universe,

I hope this letter finds you well. My name is Buddy Hale, and I am writing to you on behalf of MusicLandria, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free access to musical instruments and fostering a community of musicians of all ages and backgrounds. We have a vision of making music accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation, and we believe that music has the power to transform lives and build stronger communities.

We are in search of a building to house our growing collection of musical instruments and to serve as a hub for our activities. If you have an empty building or lot, it might be an ideal space for this purpose. I would love to discuss the possibility of you donating a building or lot to MusicLandria.

Donating a building or lot to MusicLandria offers significant tax benefits. As a recognized 501(c)(3) organization, your donation is tax-deductible. This can potentially provide you with substantial tax savings by reducing your taxable income, and it can also eliminate the costs associated with maintaining and managing the property. In addition, you will be relieved of property taxes, insurance, and other related expenses.


The donation of a building or lot would be an extraordinary contribution to our mission. It would enable us to expand our Free Music Instrument Locker, allowing more people to learn to play, and create music without the burden of cost. This facility would become a vibrant community center where individuals can come together to share their love for music, attend workshops, and participate in performances.

Your generosity will have a lasting impact on the lives of countless aspiring musicians. By providing a dedicated space for our operations, you will be helping to nurture future generations of musicians who might not otherwise have the opportunity to explore their talents. Your donation will create a legacy of support for the arts and education within our community.

Thank you for considering this request. Your support could play a pivotal role in enriching lives through music and fostering a vibrant, creative community. 

Please contact me if you'd like to support our building campaign.

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