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The last seven years have been a real wild ride. We've experienced some amazing wins for our community and some real gut punches as well. But we're in this for the long haul and even though we lost our space on August of 2023, that just makes us wanna work harder to create a permanent space for musicians to learn, play and grow. 

So, we're focusing on a space. We have the community, the ideas, and all the tools needed to run an all ages venue, a musicians maker space, a recording studio and tons of cool meetups... WE JUST NEED A HOME. WE NEED A PERMANENT SPACE. 

We know that's a tall order, so we've decided to dedicate all of 2024 to figuring out how to make that happen. We're excited about activating buildings that have sat empty for years. We're excited about accepting an empty lot and then doing a brick fundraiser to build a space that can meet all of our unique needs. Since we're a 501c3 non profit, any land or building donated can be tax deductible, so if you are a patron of the arts, OR if you know a patron of the arts that might have a building or an empty lot they'd like to donate... please get in touch.

Alternatively, if you don't have a space to donate but you'd like to contribute to our building fund, you can donate via check or the form below. If you'd like to donate via check, please make it payable to The Library Of MusicLandria and mail to 2181 6th Avenue, Sacramento CA 95818.

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