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Music Instrument Swap - TONIGHT

What's up music community. Buddy here with another cool community event week update. Tonight, May 25 from 5 to 8 PM we're hosting another music instrument swap. In the past we've simply invited people to bring music instruments and gear to sell or trade. Tonight, I thought we could expand that by also inviting bands or local musicians to bring merch to sell or trade as well. I'm gonna bring some old separate spine CDs, stickers and shirts and I'm really excited about trading those for any band merch that you might have. I think that could be a really fun extension of this event.

We gotten a couple questions asking how the event works and I hope to clarify here. It's pretty simple. The goal is to just get a bunch of people to bring music instruments to sell or trade. We'll set up a bunch of tables and encourage people to just spread out a bunch of music instruments, merch or gear. The more people that show up the better. The more stuff you bring the better. Please feel free to invite your friends and encourage them to bring stuff to sell or trade as well. It'll be pretty casual and I hope really fun.

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