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MusicLandria - New Residency Program

Hello Frenz, Good news. The Library Of MusicLandria is launching a new residency program for musicians. We're officially accepting applications... NOW.


  • Full access to MusicLandria Monday - Friday 5pm - 8pm

  • Up to 15 hours of Practice Space access per week

  • Mentorship: Songwriting, production, recording, video production and creative prompt ideas

  • Music Instrument Access: Access to over 900 musical instruments from MusicLandria

  • Full access to Warm Robot Recording Studio (engineer provided)

  • Music Video Production Support: Access to (4) 4K video camera, lights and adobe creative cloud apps

  • Access to MusicLandria Radio


  • You must produce and release an EP or full length album

  • You must produce video content to accompany your music

  • You must submit your final work to MusicLandria Radio

  • You must do a release show at MusicLandria + 2 other local partner venues

  • Time commitment: 15 hours per week minimum

  • *Don't worry, we'll help with all of the above!

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