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You Know Who Rules?

Sacramento's Office Of Arts and Culture.

"The City of Sacramento’s Office of Arts and Culture recently awarded $950,000 in grants to 69 local nonprofit organizations." and The Library Of MusicLandria was one of the lucky orgs to receive funds.

Beyond being stoked about how the funds are going to help us serve the music community, I'm really interested in learning all about the other new organizations that also received funds. Its not always super easy to have ones finger on the pulse of what is going on creatively in the Sacramento region, so yeah, digging up the list of orgs that were awarded funds and learning more about what they do is going to be super fun!

Lastly, If you applied and didn't receive funds, my heart goes out to you. We know all too well what that feels like, how deflating it can be, and yeah. If you believe in your idea, keep working on it!!!

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